Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Foundation Term 4 Week 9

Foundation Newsletter - Term 4 - Week 9
Connecting with the Preps
It is such a busy time at school! What a wonderful excursion to Braeside Park last week! Thank you to everyone who attended and our bus helpers. The children enjoyed a beautiful walk through the park spotting the wildlife and investigating sculptures. We then had snack and a play at the playground followed by 4 activities: Parachute and tunnel ball, creating our name using pieces of nature, kick ball and a nature hunt. After lunch and another play at the playground Mrs Smith ran a Thai Chi and relaxation session with us all. It was a great way to finish a fantastic day! Tomorrow it is House Sports and the carols next Tuesday is not to be missed....not to mention the ongoing school work and Christmas preparations! The children are coping very well although they are rather tired by the end of the day.

The children are very much looking forward to their first House Sport's Day, a wonderful tradition at Mentone Park Primary School. Please read the Flexibuzz message regarding the change of plans for tomorrow due to the hot weather.

This week the children have been enthusiastically creating narratives about Christmas, whether that be about naughty elves, Santa getting lost, Santa losing his elves, a happy reindeer or even a Christmas Prank Book!  The children also wrote a recount about last week's excursion to Braeside Park.

Enjoy reading some of the wonderful recounts that were written:

On Friday I went on an excursion. We went to Braeside Park on a bus. We went scavenger hunting. We saw bull ants. We had the best time. Then we went back and we went home. I hope I go there again.
by Curtis

I went on an excursion with my grade. My Dad went too. I had so much fun at Braeside Park. We made our name with sticks and leaves. I saw a bull ant. It was the best excursion ever. At the end we did yoga and then we went home.
by Skye

On Friday all the grade ones and twos and us went on an excursion to Braeside Park. First we went on the Welcome Walk. I saw a cockatoo and a cockatoo flying! Then it was recess, and then we did activities. First we did the parachute, then tunnel ball and then we did a scavenger hunt. Next we did kick ball, and we found sticks and leaves to make our names. After lunch we did yoga.
by Nadeem

Last time I went to an excursion in Braeside Park. First we found things and I found a rabbit. Second we ate snack and played. Third we played activities and played kick ball, parachute and tunnel ball. It was fun. Fourth we ate lunch and we played again and had fun. Last we did yoga and Mrs Smith told us a story. When it was two thirty we went back to school and did an assembly.
by Flynn

On Friday we went to the Braeside Park where the colour run was held. And I saw a koala. The koala was cute, it was eating gum leaves. We saw rainbow birds. It was fun. My Dad and my brother came. After a while my Dad left and Mrs Smith did yoga. Then we went to the bus and we went home with our families and sisters and brothers. I hope it will happen again.
by Jordan

Last Friday I went to Braeside Park. We went on a bush walk. I saw a cockatoo and an electric fence. We did activities.  We did the parachute and 'over/under' scavenger hunt too. It was really fun there.
by Will

Hopefully the children will continue to write during the holidays. Keeping a journal (a great stocking filler?) about special activities or writing letters (to someone special who will answer questions and write back) and sending them by post. This provides wonderful opportunities to keep building on the writing and reading skills they have established this year. Receiving a letter from a Grandparent or special friend, sent by post, is always a exciting thing for children and could lead to a 'pen friend'.                                  

Last week the children enjoyed learning about 2D shapes, what makes them 2D, their name and how many sides and corners they have. This week the children are learning about 3D shapes: sphere, cone, cylinder, cube, rectangular prism and pyramid. The students have been sorting shapes according to their features and learning their names and where we may see them in the 'real world'.

Over the last two weeks the focus during Discovery has been 2D shapes and 3D objects.

The children also used elastic to explore and make 2D shapes.

They also enjoyed working with 3D objects and learning abut faces, edges and corners.

Up Days
The children were very excited to attend another 'Up Day' session this week and were particularly chuffed to learn about the new '1/2 Learning Area'. Being familiar with the area is quite reassuring for many children although they do understand that the area will take on a 'more Junior, less Prep vibe'.

The focus this Up Day session was numeracy.

Important Dates

Friday 7th -  Whole School Sports Day - wear your house colours!!!
Monday 10th - Up Day
Tuesday 11th - Christmas Carols
Wednesday 12th - Helper's Morning Tea 11:00 - 11:30
Thursday 13th - Class Party
Monday 17th  Final Up Day Session (meet 2019 teacher, reports sent home)    Friday 21st  - Early dismissal at 1:30pm


Please encourage your child to walk into the classroom and organise their belongings independently.

  • Our Library day is Thursday.
  • We continue to encourage the students to practise their MIOOW words at home and to put them into the tub when they are ready to show us their hard work!
  • Could Reading Journals be signed each night and black pockets be at school each day. Thank you
  • Term 4 is a SunSmart term - please ensure your child has a MPPS wide brim hat for recess and lunchtimes. Students without hats will be asked to play in the shaded areas.
  • Could we please ask that all belongings be clearly named? Thank you.


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Junior School Newsletter - Term 4, Week 9

 Term 4, Week 9

Location! Location! Location! Wow, what a great day we had at Braeside Park last week as part of our Inquiry unit. The weather was amazing, and the park had so many areas for us to explore. We enjoyed scavenger hunts, ball games, 'nature names' and a great 'Welcome Walk' around the park. Students particularly enjoyed the Adventure Playground and searching for all kinds of cute critters. As the term is drawing to a close, students have been working hard to finalise and consolidate their learning and we are very proud of their behaviour and commitment to having a growth mindset. We hope you are looking forward to the Carols night as much as we are, it is set to be a great night!

Friday 7th December: Whole School Sports Day - (volunteers needed - please let your classroom teacher know)
Monday December 10: Up Day Transition Afternoon
Tuesday December 11: Christmas Carols 5PM-7PM
Wednesday December 12: Parent/Helper Morning Tea 11:00am-11:30am
Thursday December 13: Class Parties (more information to follow)
Monday December 17: Final Transition Afternoon (meet 2019 teacher and class, reports sent home)
Wednesday December 19: Limelight Drama Concert 1:30PM-2:30PM
Thursday December 20: Christmas Walk-A-Thon 11:30am-1:30pm
Friday December 21: Assembly @ 1PM, Early Dismissal 1:30PM

In READING this week, we are learning to determine important information and the main ideas in fiction and non-fiction texts.

During WRITING this week, we are working on Christmas Poetry, including Acrostic and Shape poems.

Our latest topic in MATHS has been Division. We are looking forward to starting Shapes next week!

This week we continued our INQUIRY topic, 'Location, Location, Location!' focusing on weather and features of the land that are important to certain cultures. We will be continuing our work on weather and forecasts over the next week.

* Please return the 2019 Payment Summary Sheets to the office or the classroom as soon as possible.

* Please ensure that all students wear helmets if they are riding or scooting to school. If students are not wearing a helmet, they risk serious injury in the event of a crash. 

* We always welcome parent/family helpers in the classroom. If you are interested, please ensure you provide a copy of your Working With Children Check to the office. More information can be found at:  

* Term 4 is a SunSmart term - please ensure your child has a MPPS wide brim hat for recess and lunchtimes. Students without hats will be asked to play in the shaded areas.