Sunday, 16 September 2018

Junior School Newsletter, Term 3 - Week 9

Term 3, Week 9

It’s hard to believe that another term is coming to an end, but after all the wonderful and exciting things we have been getting up to in the Junior School, we think everyone deserves a break! Our production, ‘Under The Big Top’ was a wonderful success and we were so very proud of the terrific effort every student made on the night and in rehearsals! A big thank you once again to Ange from STOMP who engaged our kids and made the whole show come together so perfectly! As this is our final newsletter for Term 3, we wish all families a safe and relaxing holiday break and look forward to another FANTASTIC term 😀 We will welcome students back on Monday 8th October. Thank you to all our families for the support, time volunteered and overall commitment to making Mentone Park PS such a special place to teach and learn.  

Friday September 21st - Footy Day & Last Day of Term 3



In READING this fortnight, we have been learning to synthesise information by comparing the information from before reading a text to the reading we do during and after a text to support our comprehension.

During WRITING this fortnight, we have been focusing on report writing and identifying facts on a chosen animal.

Our latest topic in MATHS has been Location and Transformation. We are enjoying learning about how to use maps and give directions.

This fortnight we continued our INQUIRY topic, 'Living Things' and the habitats of animals.

If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, please ensure the office has a copy of your Working With Children Check. 


Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Foundation Newsletter Term 3 Week 9

Foundation Newsletter - Term 3 - Week 9
Connecting with the Preps

What a show! What a performance! What superstars! What a HUGE day and evening!

The prep children were simply outstanding from the moment they hopped on the bus to head off to the Kingston Arts Centre until the grand finale of the wonderful production of Under the Big Top. The children showed incredible consideration by remaining quiet and orderly during rehearsals and whilst moving around backstage, as well as listening respectfully to directions and heeding all instructions. Although some children had butterflies in their tummies every single child put their best foot forward and absolutely shone.

What these 5 and 6 year old children achieved can not be underestimated! In only 7 'professional lessons' they learnt nearly 4 minutes of intricate choreography and then practised tirelessly to achieve their very best. It was simply wonderful to see how the children engaged with the dance and performance and lost themselves in the music.

What an incredible learning experience to be part of our whole school production!

We were (and are) so very proud!!


In between practices the children still had to apply themselves to literacy and numeracy learning!

In literacy the children continued to hone their writing skills further developing their knowledge of narratives and recounts. In reading the focus continued on identifying the beginning, middle and ending as well as understanding and applying a range of strategies to decode unknown words. Questions and discussions are ongoing during Guided Reading sessions, and after reading a text, to ensure children are comprehending what they are reading. If children do not understand what a story is about or what is happening within a story, they are "simply eating words". Reading has to have meaning.

Please discuss the children's take home books before, during and after reading to further help their comprehension skills. Posing questions about a shared story is also beneficial but there is a fine line between the right number of questions and overdoing it!! Bedtime stories should really be about relaxing and enjoying a special time.

Tomorrow we will finish our two week unit on Money. Thank you to all the parents who sent in items for our shop! The children really enjoyed the experience and showed great improvements when recognising different coins. Many students are now able to order coins from the smallest value to the largest value and some were even adding coins together to purchase their chosen item. Wow! Next week we will finish off the term with Position and Movement. The children will be involved in a range of physical activities to develop their understanding of terms such as: beneath, below, above, left, right, in front of etc.

The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their bird houses with the guidance from Anatoli from Craft Power and our wonderful parent helpers - Peter (Jordan's Dad), Phil (Pippa's Dad) and Elizabeth (Ollie's Mum).

They hammered and glued the pre-cut wood to make their fabulous creations. This week the children will be painting their bird houses to ensure they stand the test of time whilst out in all backyard conditions.

Undercoat - done!

Beautiful birds created in art waiting for their homes to be finished!


Last week we caught up with our Buddies to revisit what the students had learnt from our two Fire Brigade visits. We hope you enjoyed seeing their Fire Engines activity which was sent home. This week we are getting together to learn a new outdoor game! The middle and upper school have been enjoying this fun and exciting game and the Buddies can't wait to teach the Preps tomorrow!
  • Could we please remind all parents and grandparents that students are to remain outside of the building until the bell goes at 8:50 unless an arrangement has been made in advance with a member of staff.
  • Could all students please have their Library book in the Library books tub by Thursday morning as this is always our Library day. There are a number of students without their Library book each Thursday so could we please try to remember for next week so we can have all books back before the holidays. Thank you.
  • We continue to encourage the students to practise their MIOOW words at home and to put them into the tub when they are ready to show us their hard work!

  • The time has term the children will be encouraged to walk into the classroom and organise their belongings independently.

Dates to Remember!

Wednesday 19th September - P-2 Athletics Clinic
Friday 21st- Whole school footy day, special lunch and early dismissal 2.30pm
Monday 8th October - Term 4 commences
Friday 26th October - Halloween Disco
Stay tuned for more dates for exciting happenings in the Junior School


The children's reflections on their wonderful concert experience. Come and take a look!

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Junior School Newsletter, Term 3 - Week 7

Term 3, Week 7

Another busy fortnight has flown by in the Junior School with production rehearsals, Father's Day breakfast/stall, totem pole painting, and the Book Week Parade/Literacy morning! It's been so much fun and the students have been so engaged and excited during each activity. A special thank you to all our helpers for the Book Fair, Father's Day Breakfast and the Father's Day stall... these wonderful occasions could not take place without our volunteers and co-coordinators so THANK YOU!! 

The Junior School Students are looking forward to our invisit tomorrow by CraftPower which is running throughout the day. Thank you in advance for all the wonderful volunteers who are helping supervise the students!

We wish all the fathers, stepfathers and grandfathers a very special day on Sunday! We send our love to those who cannot share this day with their loved one, you are in our thoughts 💗

Image result for fathers day funny meme 

Friday August 31 - CraftPower In-Visit
Tuesday September 4th - Production Day!
Friday September 21st - Footy Day


In READING this fortnight, we have been learning to ask questions before, during and after a text to support our comprehension.

During WRITING this fortnight, we have been focusing on persuasive writing and convincing the reader using facts and opinions.

Our latest topic in MATHS has been Fractions. We are enjoying learning about how fractions are used in our everyday lives.

This fortnight we continued our INQUIRY topic, 'Living Things' and the habitats of animals. Our invisit from CraftPower will help us understand more about what is required for an animal's habitat.

Please ensure that labelled costume items have been sent into the classroom in a labelled bag ready for production.
Grade 1s - black shorts/skort and white singlet
Grade 2s - black pants/leggings and white t-shirt (going to be tie-dyed).
Footwear: normal runners are fine

If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, please ensure the office has a copy of your Working With Children Check.