Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Level 2 Week 4


6th May 2015

Learning and Teaching

In year 1/2 We Are Learning To....

READING: Knowing how words work: This will support and strengthen the phonemic awareness, grammar and understanding of word and sentence structure.

SPELLING: Is covered in the homework program which supports our classroom learning. 
Week 5 - 1's: sl and 2's: ai 
Week 6: 1's: oo 2's: long o, silent e

WRITING: Poetry - focusing on structure, rhyming patterns and words, punctuation and the story within the poem. The children will be encouraged to write a poem using these correct structure. 

Week 5 - SUBTRACTION: represent and solve simple subtraction problems using a range of mental and written strategies.
Week 6 - LENGTH: compare and order lengths using uniform informal units.

INQUIRY: Our focus this term is science and our classroom learning will compliment and extend our Scienceworks excursion and Science in Schools program.
Week 5 - Push and Pull
Week 6 - Light and Sound

Important Notices
  • Please remember our SCIENCEWORKS excursion TOMORROW 7th of May. Please pack your child's snack and lunch in separate named plastic/paper bags and a named drink bottle.  The bus is leaving promptly at 9am so please arrive by 8:45am so we we can get organised and leave on time. Full school uniform needs to be worn. 
  • Kids Cafe: Below are the days for each class. Please support our kids Cafe by lending a hand, even for just a short time. Any help is truly appreciated.
May 22nd 1O 
May 29th 1B
June 5th 2O
June 12th 2R
June 19th 1/2U
  • Helpers required for PMP. If you are free on Tuesdays we would love for you to come in and help out at PMP. With more helpers we are able to do more complex activities. If you are able to help at any stage please let your class teacher know, the more the merrier! 
PMP times
1/2U: 9am-9:30am
2R: 9:30am - 10am
2O: 10am - 10:30am
1O: 11:10am - 11:45am
1B: 12:15pm - 12:45pm

Merit Certificates
Congratulations to:
Jake M
Sienna M
Lewis M

 Making News
Passionate Pursuits
We had a fantastic start to Passionate Pursuits last Friday afternoon with all the students from prep to grade 2 mixing up and going off to different activities. Our activities are footy, gardening, art and craft, board and card games, dance, reading is fun, scrap booking and cooking. Everyone enjoyed being with other students from different year levels, getting to know a different teacher and having fun at the same time. We are all looking forward to the second week this Friday. 

Science in schools
Last week we had our first session with Ivan the scientist. The grade 1s and 2s had an introduction to science in our world. We learnt about the water cycle, liquids, solids and gases and what things are made of and why. We look forward to the coming weeks where we will be doing hands on experiments and extending our knowledge of the world. 

Bully Prevention This term we will be running our bully prevention program. During the next 2 weeks we will be focusing on Defining Bullying and Dealing with Bullies. We would appreciate it if you could discuss these with your children.  

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