Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Level 2 newsletter - Term 3 # 5


Term 3 2015

Learning and Teaching

In year 1/2 WAre Learning To (WALT)....

Determining Importance: identify and describe the important and main ideas of the story.

Revision week

Consolidation week - choice writing

Location and Transformation
WALT: Give and follow directions to familiar locations
WALT: Interpret simple maps of familiar locations and identify the relative positions of key features

Footy Day - Friday 18th September
Dress up in your favourite footy teams colours, enjoy a fun filled footy morning and a footy lunch.
Last Day School - Friday 18th September

There will be an early finish at 2.30pm.

What's Been Happening in Level 2

Celebration Day
What a successful day we had last Wednesday with a wonderful array of dress ups and food. Students were buzzing with excitement to see everyone dressed up in costume of their families cultural origins. Students got to rotate through 5 different culture and historical inspired activities including old fashioned games such as marbles and elastics, solving Tangrams, dancing the Zorba and creating a post card telling someone why they should visit their country. But to finish the whole day off with a bang students enjoyed a multicultural feast, trying lots of different foods which originated around the world. Thankyou to all for putting in such a big effort in getting costumes and food organised. We could not have had such a successful day without you.

Swimming is going along swimmingly!
 Everyone is enjoying going to the pool and learning some new and important water skills. The last swimming session will be Thursday 17th Sept.

If you require a meeting with your child's teacher please don't hesitate to make an appointment with us.

Have a wonderful holiday break and we will see you all next term!

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