Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Junior School Newsletter Term 2, Week 8

Term 2 2018, Week 8
Our Melbourne weather provided us with the perfect day to dress up and celebrate World Ocean Day. The school was a sea of blue and green with some curious little sea creatures swimming around.

The children showed a lot of interest in learning facts about how human use of plastic affects the safety of sea creatures. They felt quite saddened by it! Each child has made a personal pledge about what they can do. So, be prepared for them to come home with some ideas to improve the environment. Please try to support them with their pledge.
On Mondays we have continued with our Monday Mingle for lunch to provide the children with an opportunity to meet and chat with students in all three grades. Over the last two weeks the children have been coming together for various Inquiry and Wellbeing lessons. Everyone enjoys the chance to interact with different friends and they are learning to do this and follow the expectations of the learning focus. 

7th: The Kingston Library In visit 
14th: Metro In visit
26th: Parent Teacher Conferences

In READING this fortnight, we have been learning to change words into present and past tense by adding 'ing' and 'ed' at the end of a word.

During WRITING this fortnight,we have been focusing on recount writing and forming sentences using contraction words.

Our latest topics in MATHS have been counting and place value.

This fortnight we continued our INQUIRY topic by focusing on Community workers.

We have been investigating the effect plastic has on our oceans and how it compromises the safety of sea creatures.

If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, please ensure the office has a copy of your Working With Children Check. 

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