Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Term 1 Week 3 10/2/16

Junior School Newsletter: Term 1, Week 3

On behalf of the Grade 1 and 2 teachers, welcome to 2016 in the Junior School. We look forward to an amazing year ahead!


Learning and Teaching
In year 1/2 We Are Learning To (WALT)....

READING: Create pictures in our heads to help understand what is happening in the story.

Grade 1 - Week 3: a as in ant
               Week 4: y as in fly

Grade 2 - Week 3: ai as in snail
               Week 4: ur as in fur

WRITING: Understand the structure of a narrative.
Grade 1 - Understand place value to make and order two digit numbers.
Grade 2 - Understand place value to make and order three digit numbers. 
UNIT OF STUDY: Form positive relationships within the classroom.
ICT: Understand procedures and expectations for ICT.
Tuesday, February 16:    Parent Teacher Meeting Sessions
Thursday, February 25:   School Photos
Friday, March 4:             Ride2School Day
Thursday, March 17:       Curiosity and Powerful Learning Parent                                            Forum at Mentone Primary School

Important Notices
Parent Teacher Meeting Sessions 
Tuesday the 16th February between 1.30pm and 6.50pm
Book online at: Enter the code: JYPKJ 
Select your child/ren, teacher/s and choose your time
You will receive an email confirming your booking/s. Sessions are 10 minutes in duration. If you feel this is not long enough on the night, you can make another time with the teacher. 

School Photos
Please return your filled in school photo envelope prior to February 25th so that we can have them ready for the photographer on photo day.

Friday 12th February
Friday 19th February
Friday 26th February
Friday 4th March 

1A: 12:00pm
1O: 11:30am
2O: 12:30pm
2UO: 2:00pm

During Term 1 and Term 4, students are required to wear their Mentone Park wide-brimmed hat when outside. If a student does not have a hat, they will be required to play in a shaded area, as we do not lend hats. Students may bring sunscreen to school but they must be able to apply it independently.

Homework will be due Thursday and new homework will be sent out on Fridays. Please remember to listen to your child read nightly.

Mrs O'Connor
We are very excited to announce that Mrs O'Connor and her husband Dash are expecting their first child later in the year. We are actively working to ensure a smooth transition for Grade 2O when Mrs O'Connor goes on maternity leave. 

Making News

A Photo Display of What's Been Happening in Level 2

Achievement Awards
1A: Arthur - for using creative writing in his recount.

1O: Boki - for creating a descriptive and creative fact flower.

2O: Zoe - for demonstrating excellent listening skills and being a fantastic role model for our class expectations.

2UO: Sienna J - for settling so beautifully into MPPS and for being a Place Value Bingo champion.

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