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Term 1, Week 9 24/3/16 Junior School

Junior School Newsletter: Term 1, Week 9

As the term draws to a close, we would like to thank all families for their support throughout the term and wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday period. We are looking forward to Term 2 and have many exciting things planned!

Learning and Teaching
In year 1/2 We Are Learning To (WALT)...

Week 9: ask questions- before, during, and after our reading
Term 2, Week 1: ask questions about a text and identify the who, what, where and when of the story

Grade 1 -  
Week 9: Spelling revision
Term 2, Week 1: 'air' as in hair

Grade 2 -  
Week 9: Spelling revision
Term 2, Week 1: 'ck' as in duck  

Week 9: structure rhyming patterns in our writing
Term 2, Week 1: sequence events in the order they occur   

Grade 1 
Week 9 - model and solve subtraction problems beyond 20
Term 2, Week 1: count collections to 100 by partitioning numbers using place value

Grade 2 
Week 9 - model and solve subtraction problems using trading to explore the relationship between addition and subtraction

Term 2, Week 1: count collections to 1000 by partitioning numbers using place value


Term 1: We are learning to understand the roles and responsibilities of members within the community.

Term 2: explore a variety of external features that living things inhabit


Term 1: We are learning to understand basic computer skills and use them more efficiently. 

Term 2: Identify and explore digital systems for a purpose

24th March: Last day Term 1 (Assembly 1:50pm, students finish 2:30pm)
11th April: Curriculum Day (Student free day)
12th April: First day Term 2 - Tuesday
25th April: ANZAC Day
27th April: PFA Council Meeting
Important Notices

Kids Cafè Class Roster
The Kids Cafe are calling for parent volunteers to help out and hopefully win your child's class a prize! Each class has been allocated a particular date, so please get involved - contact details are available on TiqBiz.

2O: Friday 15th April
2UO: Friday 22nd April

During Term 1 and Term 4, students are required to wear their Mentone Park wide-brimmed hat when outside. If a student does not have a hat, they will be required to play in a shaded area, as we do not lend hats. Students may bring sunscreen to school but they must be able to apply it independently.

As the days become colder, please remember that school uniform does not include leggings with school dresses. Please wear pants or the tunic with stockings or socks.

Homework will be due Thursday and new homework will be sent out on Fridays. Please remember to check they are doing their spelling words and reading to a parent nightly.  

Making News

A Photo Display of What's Been Happening in Level 2

A visit from Joel, our local Policeman

A visit from Anna, our local Vet

Krystal was a Vet for a day!

Phoenix was a Policeman for the day!


Achievement Awards Week 7 & 8
1A: Zara S - for showing resilience and modelling features of our BOUNCE Back program.

1O: Mitchell - for always showing enthusiasm with his reading and working hard to achieve his best.

2O: published in last newsletter

2UO: Tyson - applying himself and working hard to achieve amazing vertical addition results, with carrying!
Allegra - for ignoring distractions to help achieve her very best in letter writing to thank local community members. Great work! 

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