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Term 2, Week 2, 21/4/16

Junior School Newsletter: Term 2, Week 2

Welcome back to Term 2! We hope you had a lovely break and have returned refreshed and ready for a wonderful and exciting term.

Learning and Teaching

In year 1/2 We Are Learning To (WALT)...

Identify features of a narrative with a focus on questioning.

Grade 1 -  'k' as in kitten

Grade 2 -  'ea' as in bread

Write adventure narratives with an inquiry focus.

Grade 1 - Measure and compare the lengths, masses and capacities of pairs of objects using uniform, informal length.

Grade 2 - Compare and order several shapes and objects based on length, area, volume and capacity using appropriate uniform, informal units.

Explore a variety of external features that living things inhabit


Identify and explore digital systems for a purpose

22nd April: Passionate Pursuits begins
22nd April: ANZAC Ceremony at 2:45 on Netball Court
25th April: ANZAC Day
27th April: Parent Helpers Information Session - Literacy at 2pm
27th April: PFA Council Meeting
16th May: Excursion to IMAX and Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
17th May: Italian Day
18th May: Science Open Evening
Important Notices

Kids Cafè Class Roster
The Kids Cafe are calling for parent volunteers to help out and hopefully win your child's class a prize! Each class has been allocated a particular date, so please get involved - contact details are available on TiqBiz.

2UO: Friday 22nd April

As the days become colder, please remember that school uniform does not include leggings with school dresses. Please wear pants or the tunic with stockings or socks. Term 2 is not a SunSmart term and therefore students are not required to wear their school hats at lunch and recess.

We have introduced spelling activities this term for students to further strengthen their spelling. They have the freedom to choose which activity they conduct each week and we encourage them to at least try each activity by the end of the year. Homework will be due Thursday and new homework will be sent out on Fridays. Please remember to check they are doing their spelling words and reading to a parent nightly.   

Working With Children Check
All parents/guardians, visitors & volunteers to the school MUST sign in & out of the school and display their WWCC in a lanyard, which is available at the school office.
The Department of Education requires any person involved in an activity where children may be present to have a current WWCC or have supplied proof that they have applied for a WWCC with the Department of Justice. All schools are required to comply with the Working with Children Act 2005.
Volunteers are expected to carry the WWCC card on their person at all times when working or volunteering at the school or during school related activities.

There is no fee for this check. Apply now by visiting:

The Junior School encourage and appreciate Parent helpers!

Making News

A Photo Display of What's Been Happening in Level 2

Modelling MAB with our bodies

Real MAB - can you see the similarities!?

Human version of one hundred and seventy three!

Story of the ANZAC's

Cpl. Brown sharing pictures of children in Afghanistan

Cpl. Brown sharing her medals

Ava sharing her Great Grandfathers medals


Searching for mini beasts
Labelled inquiry drawing

Super explorers!

Achievement Awards Week 1 & 2
1A: Lee - effort and improvement in writing and spelling

1O: Caleb - always putting in his best effort and thinking outside the box to solve Maths problems

2O: Tara - demonstrating high expectations by continuously producing work of a high standard

2UO: Tina - her contributions to class discussions and growth mindset!

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